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Carlson Farms has its very own Airbnb listing right on our property! We call it "Copper Ridge Inn."

Copper Ridge Inn was created around a single, simple desire: to bring the world to the farm. As a part of Carlson Farms in Lawton, Michigan, Norm and Karen Carlson built Copper Ridge Inn as a place where family and friends could rest, relax, and take in the sights and sounds of the farm. The inn property is surrounded by woodlands, lakes, and of course, the Carlson homestead.

Besides enjoying the Amish craftsmanship throughout the inn and the abundant wildlife and farm animals on the property, you can explore surrounding area attractions such as: microbreweries, wineries, boating, fishing, hunting, and fine dining. Want to grab a burger and a drink? It's all within minutes of the farm. Want to experience Carlson Farms even further? Ask us for a list of local restaurants and supermarkets we deliver to, and you can taste dishes featuring beef, chicken, pork, and lamb from Carlson Farms.