Carlson Farms is a working farm owned by Norm and Karen Carlson. The farm has cattle, chickens, hogs, and sheep to take care of, which means there are no days off.

We encourage all who visit us at Copper Ridge to come experience the "farm life." Collect eggs for your morning breakfast, feed bottles to newborn lambs, and take in the view from the seat of a tractor. Do as much or as little as you want - just know it is an option for you when you plan your visit!

Our line of products is known by the name "Naturally Norms."  Naturally Norm's on Carlson Farms is an all-natural cattle, pork, lamb, and poultry operation. It is owned and run by family. In fact, we like to think of the entire farm as a family: the angus-hereford cows and calves, the happy hogs, the gossipy ol' laying hens, the various critters adopted into the Carlson household, and even the little tree frog in our backyard! They are all "Carlsons". It's a name we take great pride in and a name we hope you grow to know and trust.

Whenever you purchase meat or eggs from Naturally Norm's, you are buying local, Non-GMO, antibiotic-free, hormone-free, pastured, and humanely-raised product. Want to know more? Come visit the farm and see for yourself! Know where your food comes from!

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